Smart Home Installation 

in Mallorca

Control your Lights, Security & Confort ?

with your Phone

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SmartHome is more than just ALEXA…

A smart home is a modern designed residence that makes use of only the most up to date technologies that make everyday tasks significantly easier.

Smart Lightning, Heateing, Security Control, Door Locks, Home Cinema, etc


Home Automation

Smarthome technology is becoming more and more popular with many off the shelf devices available. These devices have their place in the market, but to really take advantage of smarthome technology it is always better to go with a professionally installed system.

A good smarthome may be complex under the surface but should be simple to use for the home owner. It’s not just about being able to control your lights or heating from your phone. With a properly installed smart home, many of the home systems are automated. Lighting should come on at the correct level for the time of day/amount of daylight. Different areas of the home should be heated to different levels and this temperature should be maintained regardless of outside temperature. Blinds & Shades should be integrated to the heating system and should automatically adjust to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

How a SmartHome System works

Space is required to place an electrical enclosure to house the ‘brains’ of your smarthome. Inputs (Light switches, door contacts, motion sensors etc) are wired back to this location with data cable. Outputs (Lights, vents, blinds etc) are wired out from the enclosure with standard ‘twin and earth’ electrical cable.

Using powerful configuration software your smarthome is setup to respond to different inputs to bring on lights, close blinds, play music, in fact it can be configured to do almost anything. This wiring method allows for maximum flexibility, for example any light switch can be setup to turn on any light connected to the system.