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Smart-Home Options to Control your own Electricity

We live in an age that understands sustainability and the need to reduce pollution. It may be because we have suffered the consequences of years of neglect in this regard, but the truth is that enormous efforts are being made in the search for sustainability and energy efficiency; like solar energy and home automation.

In this sense, a perfect combination has been found at the domestic level: solar energy and home automation. In this way, even in adverse weather conditions, the use of the Internet of Things and smart systems can improve the performance of the solar panel system

Smart solar panels

One of the biggest efforts being made in the energy sector is to formulate the use of renewable energies at the domestic level.

Hybrid solar panels can generate heat and photovoltaic energy at the same time, which can optimize space and allow up to 40% more energy per square meter compared to using the two technologies alone.

In this sense, the hybrid control system can monitor and adjust the generation of heat and / or energy of the solar energy equipment according to the needs and tastes of the user and specific times. The system is based on the application of solar energy and home automation and the Internet of things to energy.

The application of this type of system increases the energy obtained by the hybrid energy system by 11%, while the traditional energy system increases by almost 70%.

This system obtains information from three sources:

  • Installation: Has sensors in specific locations to provide data for panel operations. Gather information about fluid temperature or environmental data. This information can be used to keep the software running normally, and it can also be used to quickly detect faults to avoid major problems.
  • User: The system will adjust its operation and release of energy according to the specific situation of each user. In this sense, there are two options, one is the profile created by the user at the beginning, and the other is the profile created by the system based on the data it collects.
  • Internet: The direct connection to the Internet allows the system to consult the weather forecast or changes in the price per kilowatt hour and make adjustments.

But not only does the system adapt to the environment, it can also influence it, without physically altering the installation. For example:

  • Electric / Thermal Generation Ratio: You can determine the best use of the electric or thermal energy that the system will generate.
  • Storage systems: You can activate or deactivate the accumulation of each energy according to your needs or time. The decision will be based on consumption data, atmospheric forecasts and kilowatt-hour prices, and the ultimate goal will be to save money.
  • Grid connection: You can choose whether to dump power into the grid for the remaining time.
  • Device actuation: Smart control also enables remote control of devices that require electrical signals to change state.

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