Car Parking Area with Photovoltaic Solar System

Produce your own Electricity on your Parking Area; PV Panels are able to be installed in Rooftops, fachades or ground.

Aprox. 70% Savings on your Electricity Bills  

Keep the Environment clean


Invest and Save

After Solar System is fully Amortize, All produced Electricity is Free of charge

Control your own Energy

By Online Web services or directly with your Mobile App, Optimizing your Cost

Finance Options

We can provide finance solutions to your Solar System investment. With Great ROI

Estimated Investment Pay-back  between

7 and 10 years

Depending on the type of industrial roof, the geographical location of the photovoltaic installation and the electricity consumption of the industry, the expected annual return on investment is between:


Estimated Annual Returns


Estimated Annual Returns

PV Solar System

In this video you can see an industrial roof with Photovoltaic Solar Panels, generating electricity for self-consumption, which massively reduce electricity bills.

Carports & Pergolas

Produce Electricity while you are protecting from the sun rays

Residentials Rooftops

Self-consumption for houses

Commercial Rooftops

Self-consumption for Industries