Air Heat Pumps

and Photovoltaics

Air Heat Pumps and Photovoltaics:

the Perefect Couple

Today, humans are overly reliant on the use of fossil fuels and fossil fuels are increasingly polluting the earth. If we want to continue living on earth, we will have to change our habits and start using more renewable energy.

Photovoltaic energy is one of the most famous energy sources, but there are other less known and equally useful energy sources, such as aerothermal energy. This is an ideal alternative to traditional air conditioning systems, so we will discuss it further.


Aerothermal, the air conditioning of the future

Such an installation uses a heat pump to convert the energy from the outside air into hot or cold water. Later, this fluid can be used to heat or cool any home. It can even be converted into domestic hot water (DHW) to use water in the bathroom, cleaning, etc.

Most importantly, it can be combined with other renewable energy sources (such as photovoltaics). Therefore, users get high energy efficiency and save energy while respecting the environment.

Additionally, users can install two different types of heat pumps. The non-reversible ones, only for heating, and the reversible ones, which are used for both heating and cooling. They also have a high efficiency, thus saving water and energy.


What are the advantages of aerothermal?

These types of heat pumps are silent, safe and economical. Due to the use of heat pumps, 75% of the energy consumption comes from renewable energy sources, so high performance can be guaranteed. To give you an idea, for every kWh of energy consumed, the heat from the air produces 4 kWh of thermal energy. Other systems provide the following energy per kilowatt hour of energy:

  • Electricity: 1 kWh.
  • Gas: 0.9 kWh.
  • Diesel: 0.8 kWh.

The data is not deceived, Air Heat is a very effective system, which is more efficient than other systems. In this sense, with their “active and passive cooling” function, heat pumps can even automatically lower the temperature in warm months.

Of course, in addition to complying with energy regulations for new buildings, installing an aerothermal system can also increase the value of the home.


Combine aerothermal and photovoltaic

Aerothermy itself can save a lot of money, but when combined with PV it can save even more money. In addition, as this type of system is very efficient, it also allows us to reduce the consumption of water in a home, either for heating or for sanitary use.

The greatest advantage of this combination is that the little electricity that an aerothermal system consumes, thanks to a photovoltaic solar installation, can be free, reducing the cost of air conditioning and sanitary hot water to 0. Furthermore, since aerothermal energy reduces energy consumption by more than 70%, we will not require a large photovoltaic solar installation to produce the electricity consumption required by the heat pump.